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What is Panthera Sleep & D-SAD?

We are excited to inform you that you can now easily order the Panthera D-SAD from First Impressions Dental lab. You have the choice of sending either your digital scans or physical impressions. Please see our Important Resource section for our Rx Slip, Patient Instructions, Helpful Videos, and Appliance Info.

Your patients can use the Panthera D-SAD dental appliance for the treatment of snoring and/or obstructive sleep apnea. It is made our of a resistant biocompatible nylon named type 12 polyamide.

It is recommended that the Panthera D-SAD be prescribed for helping treat patients who experience snoring, mild to moderate sleep apnea, and severe sleep apnea for those who don't do well with or comply with CPAP treatment. (American Academy of Sleep Medicine American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Clinical Practice Guidelines - 2015). 

How Is It Made?

Using proprietary software, the Panthera Dental team designs and creates the Panthera D-SAD from either a 3D scan of stone models or intra-oral digital scans. They make and design each device specifically for your patient. Unlike hand-crafted appliances, Panthera Dental uses state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology to achieve a perfect and precisely adapted device.

What is Titration?

The mechanism of the Panthera D-SAD is a unique titration system that uses rods. These rods are made out of the same biocompatible polymer that's found in the Panthera D-SAD device. They vary in length (19 to 36mm) and are adjustable by 0.5-mm increments, giving you accurate and customized advancement capabilities. The rods are made to counteract and resist against bruxism and will never elongate. Because of the specific way that they are connected to the device, they won't disengage while the user sleeps. For patients with heavy bruxism, we have options for specifically design rods to help. 

4-Step Impressions Workflow

Once your patient is approved for a Panthera D-SAD, follow these 4 easy steps for the best turnaround!

You can use any scanner to submit your case to us OR use PVS material for your upper & lower

impressions and Panasil Putty for your open bite.

Scan full upper & lower arches (or)

Take full upper & lower PVS impressions.

Step 1


Capture open bite using the

Airway Metrics System and Panasil Putty

[ Click HERE for a Airway Metrics Instructions ]


(If scanning) Use the Black Airway Metrics Kit along with these Scanning Bite Forks:

Airway Metrics Kit (Black for Scanning)

Scanning Bite Forks

Step 2

sim copy.png

Complete a D-SAD Rx Slip in full.

[ Click HERE for Rx Slip ]

[ Click HERE for instructions on filling out Rx Slip ]

Step 3

Send us the following:

-Upper & Lower Impressions/Scans

-Open Bite Panisil Impression/Scan

-A Completed Rx slip

(Turn Around Time apx. 3 weeks) 


Step 4

Your Customized Case

Because each patient is different, we offer a wide variety of plates for tailored contact surfaces. These range from our standard one to a customized anterior pad. The D-SAD can by customized for every possibility making it perfect for all patient types.


We also offer a wide range of bands upon ordering. Band choice is a vital part in comfort and retention of the D-SAD and must be designed with care. Our bands have been optimized for the overall dental experience and do not compromise the treatment of snoring or obstructive sleep apnea.



The Panthera D-SAD has the CE mark, complies with the Canadian Medical Devices Regulations and has received FDA 510(k) clearance for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

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D-SAD Resourses & Rx Slips

D-SAD Resources

Rx Slips

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Other Helpful Resources

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Video Tips / Procedures

Airway Metrics System

Using A Pharyngometer

First Insertion in Mouth of Patient

Cleaning Panthera

Lab Procedure: Too Tight

Lab Procedure: Too Loose

Lab Procedure: Irritating Side

Lab Procedure: Occlusion

Other Resources
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Too tight
Use any scanner
Cleaning Panthera
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